Welcome back to Itqan Preschool!

The new school year is upon us and Itqan Preschool has opened its doors, welcoming students back and gearing up for interactive lessons!

Due to the MCO extension, Itqan is determined to resume operations in a responsible manner. The much-needed education is imperative for the young in enhancing their holistic development, and Itqan is ready to deliver on this call whilst strictly adhering to the health and safety SOPs in managing its students and administering lessons.

Staying true to its strict rules to ensure students’ safety, the teachers assisted students in taking their temperatures, sanitizing and hand washing before entering their learning space. Following our SOPs, parents were not allowed to enter the gates of Itqan Preschool.

Teachers were also donning their headgears and masks during lessons, facilitating the young children at a safe distance.  The students were required to wear their masks all the time and the classroom seating arrangement was reconstructed for safe physical distancing.

Upon beginning their lessons, the students were happy and cheerful to meet their friends for the very first time after a long overdue break. They sang along to nursery rhymes together and learned through play, activating their senses and enhancing motor skills.

Opening a new chapter for Itqan, the new Principal, Pn. Sharean Irani, took over the reins from former Principal, Pn. Maslina. Pn. Sharean has 19 years of early childhood Montessori educator experience and it is hoped that she will steer Itqan towards even greater heights.

“I plan to bring Itqan towards achieving its mission and vision, which is to develop the students holistically so they are more prepared for the (schooling) environment,” said Pn. Sharean.

Educators also play a significant role in nurturing seeds of the future. This sentiment holds true with Puan Syahida as well, who has been teaching at Itqan for over 10 years.

“Itqan has chosen the Montessori method, in tandem with Islamic values. These two methods complement each other very well and it is easy to implement this strategy in a classroom setting and to apply it in the students’ daily lives,” she said.

Parents also played their part in monitoring their children’s academic performance. One of the parents commented: “I am worried about sending my child to school during the pandemic, but I am also very concerned of her academic progress. I need to make sure that she catches up with her studies.”

“I’ve sent all my children here, and knowing this establishment for a long time, I trust that Itqan adheres to strict SOPs to ensure our children are safe and sound,” another parent opined.

Itqan Preschool, located in Kota Damansara is powered by the SimplyIslam Education Group.

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